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Reading Japanese is notoriously difficult

There are over 2000 Kanji with multiple readings. This makes it hard for Japanese learners to find appropriate reading material. ReadNihon allows you to browse the web and simplify site content based on your JLPT level or Japanese school grade equivalent.
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What makes the ReadNihon method effective?

i + 1

We are best able to learn language when learning material is one step ahead of our current level. ReadNihon will automatically simplify sites or text to your i + 1 Japanese level.

Spaced Repetition

Spaced Repetition is a proven method for long term retention of words, vocabulary and Kanji. ReadNihon helps you take full advantage of this method.

Reference Learning

For many, it is easier to remember a word if they have a reference of how and where they first experienced it. ReadNihon automates this process for you, by giving you analytics to measure your learning sources.


ReadNihon has advanced features to help you learn Japanese. However, you need to be motivated to get the most out of any learning tool!

Learn and Understand

When you add text, a url, or a video url into our simplifier, ReadNihon will generate study material based on your Japanese reading level. Vocaulary and popovers can be converted into over 30 languages.

Vocabulary Lists

You can quickly generate SRS backed vocabulary lists from your readings. Test your knowledge with voice recognition, Kanji flash cards, and much more. With one click you can export your vocabulary lists to Anki.

Keep Track of Your Learning

How do you know if you are reaching your goals? Keep track of your progress and get insights to help you learn Japanese by reading it.

What people say about ReadNihon



"The focus here is accumulating vocabulary that you can study later—a noble goal that will help any Japanese learner, if they stick with it." Read more



"I can start learning the kanji at my level from the very start, while reading about what I am interested in. Where has this been my whole life!? Thank you!"

Self Taught Japanese


"ReadNihon has some good ideas to help students learn Japanese words, grammar, and assist with reading in general."

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How much Japanese did you learn this week?

ReadNihon helps you to read what you like. Enjoyable learning material will assist you on your journey to Japanese fluency.

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