Hi I'm Wyatt, a Tokyo based web developer who has a passion for creating new web tools.

Over the course of passing JLPT 1 and living in Japan for over a decade, I wanted to use my first hand knowledge of learning Japanese to make a tool for other language learners. Reading Japanese is not about just Kanji, grammar, or vocabulary. It is about understanding. The best way to learn how to read Japanese is by actually trying to try and read Japanese. Crazy right?

ReadNihon is a Japanese reading tool that makes reading material match your i + 1 level. In short, we only give you Furigana and English descriptions of words, if you do not know that word. How do you eat a two story wedding cake? One piece at a time.

My Digital Office

I created My Digital Office because I have worked on many remote teams and wanted one place where we could meet discuss and organize.

It is a fully functional digital office, including office phone number, web meetings, and much more. If you work on a remote team, or need a remote office space, please check it out!